Thank you for your interest in Analyze-IT.

The download is available only with a specific password, and you need a key licence to use the product. Please contact us to get them.

If you have any questions or any problems during the download or the use of the product, please contact our support website.

Click on the following icons to download the product and the administration guide.

Download the software

System Download
Analyze-IT on RHEL/CentOS 6 System
Version 3.1
MD5SUM : a629c1ab33b745f6b4f9ecfa29dca095
Analyze-IT on RHEL/CentOS 7 System
Version 3.1
MD5SUM : fbae2d871088b9b69619e95eebf095b8
Analyze-IT on Ubuntu 16 System
Version 3.1
MD5SUM : e679351d52593992f52d8b094c36e41c
Analyze-IT on Ubuntu 18 System
Version 3.1
MD5SUM : 9399886ed0202262cb42ce9b07f33699

To install Analyze-IT, run the following command :


Refer to Analyze-IT Guide for more information.

Download the Guide

Title Download
Analyze-IT 3.1 – Guide
Analyze-IT – Brochure