Thank you for your interest in Predict-IT

The download is available only with a specific password, and you need a key licence to use the product. Please contact us to get them. If you have any questions or any problems during the download or the use of the product, please contact our support website.

Click on the following icons to download the product and the administration guide.

Download the software

System Download
Predict-IT on RHEL/CentOS 6 System
Version 1.1
MD5SUM: 9c89304f15b0383f6cfe05851681d53d
Predict-IT on RHEL/CentOS 7 System
Version 1.1
MD5SUM: 76454e44f17e21efe5d7f29bea60b95c

To install Predict-IT 1.1run the following command:


Refer to Predict-IT Guide for more information.

Download the Guide

Title Download
Predict-IT 1.1 – Guide
Predict-IT 1.1 – Brochure